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Stomach Flu Symptoms - Ugly Truth

Stomach flu symptoms appearance depends on incubation period of the cause, which further on depends on type of cause and immune system of infected person. However, once you get infected, in a short time you'll start experiencing symptoms, and it can happen in several hours after infection or after ten days in some cases. Once the bug has entered your body, its primary destination is your gastrointestinal tract, and when it reach there, it star a process of multiplying and reproducing itself, which will certainly cause you a nightmare for a couple of days.

stomach flu symptoms
Symptoms of stomach flu are an terrible experience and will bring a great suffer upon you. As I already mention in previous posts, there are several types of causes for stomach flu and that most known are viral. After them comes bacterial and parasitical. What is in common for all of these three types of causes are, symptoms!

No matter what cause stomach flu, symptoms are mostly the same. In general there are several symptoms of which you'll get some for sure. It is an luck if you have only one of them, and not several of them at the same time.

Stomach flu symptoms are: appetite loss, diarrhea, fatigue, mild fever, muscle aches, nausea, stomach cramps and chills, vomiting. In cases of mild symptoms, after only one day you can get relief from symptoms and experience only some of this symptoms. However, you should take care about nutrition and avoid dairy products, together with solid food, and get yourself on liquid diet. In other, more serious cases, symptoms can take up to ten days, and you must have a proper nutrition to get better! Liquid diet is a must, and light food after first two days until you fully recover from symptoms.

If you experience stomach flu symptoms such are vomiting and diarrhea, for more than several days, you must visit your doctor and sick for special medical treatment. The possibility of dehydration are high, and you might be hospitalized and took under infusion for several days.

Patients who suffer from frequent diarrhea and frequent vomiting at the same time, are exposed to high risk of dehydration because they lose huge amount of body liquids, and are unable to replace it by intake of liquids. Dehydration should be taken very seriously since our body is in huge percent built out of liquids. Having this in mind, much serious disorders can happen if liquids are not replaced.

Experiencing only diarrhea is a most common situation of suffering from stomach flu symptoms. Frequent watery stools are frequent in first day or two and slowly decrease by days passing. Your stomach is very sensitive in this period of time, and you have to get yourself on liquid diet until you get better and frequency of diarrhea slowly decreases, then you can start your treatment with light food. If this doesn't happen, and after several days you still have frequent diarrhea you should visit your doctor!

Do not take medicines for diarrhea because they will only worsen the situation, not to mention that you can experience side effects! Especially do not do this without consultation with your doctor! Regular medications for diarrhea are not helpful with this illness!

I found part of this information on this site, which I found very useful in understanding stomach flu symptoms. You can find there some more information, I dedicated this post mainly to understanding diarrhea and vomiting, since I suffered from them and because of they are the most common symptoms.

Hope I helped with the information and I hope you'll get better soon!

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