Friday, December 21, 2012

Stomach Flu - Treatment With Ginger

 Treating Stomach Flu Symptoms With Ginger
Treating Stomach Flu Symptoms With Ginger
I did some research on how to treat stomach flu with home remedies, and I found that many people talk about healing effects of ginger, so I decided to collect some tips in this post.

Today I feel much better and stomach flu symptoms are repeating rarer and rarer. However, I still suffer from frequent diarrhea and for me it looks like it's an never-ending nightmare.

Many people on the web talks about miraculous effects of ginger in treating stomach flu symptoms and here are several tips I had collected with different approaches in using it.

  1. You can clean the ginger and suck the juice from it and then swallow, after that take very few small bites of meat. These may have a disgusting taste and can be very hard to swallow, but according to people who did it and their mitigation of symptoms, you should try it.
  2. If you think that previous method is to disgusting, you have my vote. you can go to local pharmacy shop, buy some empty capsules fill them with grated ginger and make your own ginger pills which are much easier to be swallowed since they doesn't leave any awful taste in your mouth.
  3. Make a ginger bug: this is one more way but it looks to ambitious from my point of view and I think need much more effort to get done, but can help a lot since this is even more probiotics. Easily find this method by searching for it on google

If try any of these methods, please leave your feedback in comment section. I will try with ginger pills and will post back my experience.

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