About Me

Hi dear visitor, welcome to My Stomach Flu Diary blog.

My name is Alannia Wurth, I am student of medicine on a 3rd year of my studies. Realizing how important health is I decided to dedicate my life to research of human body and all health and illness conditions.

My father has passed away when I was 13 years old teenager (years when I needed him more than ever), because of mesothelioma, an rear type of cancer which develop in most cases because of rapid exposure to the asbestos. My father was a great man, an person who would never do anything bad to anyone, a great person who will help you in any need, the person you wish you have on your side.
My father was dedicated to help others, so am I!

I recently got stomach flu and suffer from it for a while now. As I am aware of what this illness is and how to deal with it, I am writing this Diary to help anyone struggling with it.

Please make sure to read my Welcome Post.

Cheers, Alannia.