Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stomach Flu - What to Eat!?

Today I got my self almost recoverd at all, symptoms are almost gone, and I can now function pretty normally. I would like to write a brief note about food consuming during stomach flu. 

Well, when you are experiencing nausea or vomiting, and you have fever, food is the last thing you are thinking about, and even thinking about it can make you feel more worst, but you have to eat anyway. One thing is for sure, you can't eat correctly, rather you have to take care on what you are taking in. Your stomach now need special treatment and you have to take care about food you are eating, in order to help your stomach get better and heal. Light food is a must and hard food is necessary to avoid at all. Here are some advice based on my experience.

Stomach Flu - What to eat
Stomach Flu - Bananas and dry toast are good combination.
Firstly I would like to point on food and drinks you must avoid if you want to get any better. Fatty and spicy food, should be forgotten for even a few days after you relief from stomach flu symptoms and not to mention during symptoms. Milk and cheese, in fact, all diary products can make your symptoms go wild, especially diarrhea. Sweets and super-sweet foods, forget them for a several days. Do not drink coffee or soda, or consume alcohol. This is an excellent opportunity to quit smoking, since you must quit it for several days, you can use the chance to relief from this bad habit..

In the first 24 hours, you must put your self on a diet with clear liquids! You are allowed to eat gelatin without sugar, and to take water. Water should not been taken in big doses, rather you should take it in small doses and more often. Apple juice mixed with water together with teas are recommended. After first 24 hours you can start with bland foods.

When you survive first 24 hours you can add bland foods to your meals. This food should be soft and easy for your digestion. Fruits should be avoided, but bananas are recommended, especially in combination with dry toast. I have tried with chicken meat, but other types of meat are forbidden for consume. Rice, pasta, apple sauce, crackers are also good for your belly in this condition. Stick with bland diet and in several days you'll get much better! Once your stomach get better, slowly add other types of food in your nutrition.

Give your stomach a special treatment, from one to five days period of time that well treated stomach flu should least, and you'll get better soon. If you don't treat it the way it should be treated, you'll suffer from symptoms much longer.

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