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What is Metoclopramide - Side Effects

Before I start to write about what is Metoclopramide, what are its side effects, and other important information about this medicine, I would like to write a short intro of this post. Please read it!

Metoclopramide Stomach Flu
Always Consult Your Doctor before using Metoclopramide
Stomach flu treatment with medications is not possible, however, there are some medications that can help with reducing the symptoms and by that help with your condition. Metoclopramide is one of those medications. In previous post you could read about Compazine, that's another one.

All medications are meant to help people with various illnesses, but all of them have their right dosage and frequency in taking, as well as side effects. All of them MUST BE prescribed by your doctor, or otherwise, if you use it on your own hand, if you are recommended by friend or in pharmacy, you are taking a huge risk to permanently damage your health! No medicine is a toy, and non of them should be taken without professional medical advice of your health care provider, which in addition should follow your medical condition during the usage of any medication!

Part of the information, that I am writing in this post, is taken from another authority sites, which are considered to be good source for all information about this topic. All information taken form those sites are quoted, just like in my previous post.

I have my personal opinion on treating every illness, which is not connected to usage of medication, but I must write about it, since people are using those medicines without to much knowledge about them. So these posts are more likely to be taken as warnings, and should not be taken as advises at all ! ! !

So, What is Metoclopramide and How to Use it?

If you experience stomach flu symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have stomach flu! These would, further on, means that stomach flu symptoms such are nausea, vomiting, headache could happen to each of us because of many other causes, and not only stomach flu causes. However, Metoclopramide is considered to be very good in dealing with some of those symptoms!
Nausea and vomiting as a result of the use of anti-cancer drugs, post-surgery and the result of other medical illnesses will be reduced by increasing the contractions of the upper portion of the digestive tract. It improves gastric emptying time which helps reduce the incidence of heartburn, nausea and vomiting.
Metoclopramide also helps patients with diabetic gastroparesis in diabetic patients since it increases gastric emptying. There are more uses of metoclopramide and your doctor will advise you the ideal dosage and frequency of this medication after careful assessment of your symptoms.
Your doctor is the only authoritative person who can prescribe you Metoclopramide. Before taking it, you must have a good consultation with him/her about:

  • medications you already use, especially if you are suffering from some chronic disease,
  • all possible health disorders you might have,
  • ingredients you are allergic to,
  • do you use any supplements, vitamins and natural treatments,
  • if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • if you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed

Take metoclopramide 30 minutes before meals and before going to bed at night. This helps reduce the heartburn that is common after a heavy meal.
If you missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember. Never double your dose. Space the remaining dose evenly. Remember to take your medications on time so you will be able to benefit from the therapeutic action of metoclopramide.
If you are using ODT or metoclopramide orally disintegrating tablet, remove the medication from the casing just before taking them. Place the tablet on your tongue and never swallow it, allow it to melt completely. You don’t need to follow up with water just allow the ODT to melt on its own.
If you are taking oral syrup form, use a measuring cup to take precise doses of the medication; never use a spoon or a tablespoon.
Do not overdose; high doses of metoclopramide will cause uncontrollable muscle movements of the face, eyes, lips and extremities. Never stop abruptly, allow your doctor to schedule a weaning dose for you to prevent serious side effects.
Avoid drinking alcohol when taking metoclopramide. This medication will cause dizziness and sleepiness so do not operate machinery or drive.
If you are prescribed the Metoclopramide you must storage it properly. The storage of Metoclopramide depends on the type you are using, syrup and tablets should be stored on a place with temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C. If you are using injectable Metoclopramide store it at the regular room temperature! Do not remove medication from original package, nor throw away literature, you must have it case you experience side effects! Also, do not throw away your prescription, since you need it for your prescribed dose. Do not use Metoclopramide in higher doses than it is recommended for you, since this way you can experience side effects, over dosage or damage your health permanently; also, do not use this medication for a longer than 3 months!

READ CAREFULLY! Metoclopramide Side Effects

..and think twice before you use it!

For me the most important information in this post would be the Metoclopramide side effects, which should aware you and maybe discourage you from usage of this medicine! It is maybe good to treat vomiting and nausea, but its side effects can have biggest impact on your long term health!

Like almost every other medicine, Metoclopramide too has side effects! Metoclopramide side effects are more likely to happen to people with diabetes, older people and in women, but it may happen to everyone using it. Read this carefully, and even search for more information on Metoclopramide side effects!

  • Stiffening of the muscles of the face causing a mask-like appearance.
  • Anxiety, hallucinations, inability to sit or stay still and restlessness.
  • Inability to control balance while walking, tremors and seizures.
  • Worsening of diarrhea - this medicine may help with some stomach flu symptoms, but possibly increase some other gastrointestinal disorders!
  • In women, flow of menses and changes in menstrual pattern, swelling of the breasts and breast tenderness.
  • Headache and sleeping disorders!
  • Dizziness and tiredness, together with drowsiness ans restlessness.

Some of Metoclopramide side effects are severe and you must contact your doctor right away to prevent worsening of your health condition! You must take care about every possible changes you might experience during usage of Metoclopramide and if you become concerned about any of those changes, immediately visit your health care provider! Read more about Metoclopramide side effects here and do not hesitate to ask your doctor any question might have on your mind, it is your health question and you must take good care of it!

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